UI Buddy

Getting started with UI Buddy

Learn all about installation, setup, usage, and core concepts in this comprehensive documentation that covers everything that you'll need in order to build your designs using UI Buddy.

What is UI Buddy?

UI Buddy is a tool that helps you build components, web pages, and consequently entire design systems without actually writing CSS. Just follow a few simple steps and write HTML in such a way that it automatically generates the required CSS for you, at run-time.

Why should you use UI Buddy?

One of the biggest advantages of using UI Buddy is that the generated stylesheet is incredibly small in size right from the beginning. This is because UI Buddy only generates CSS for the HTML markup that you write, across the entire project. Which means no extra bloat, and no unused code which you probably aren't going to use anyway.

Another great feature about UI Buddy is that you can easily integrate it with other CSS frameworks that you like, such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma etc. This means that you can add UI Buddy into any existing project without worrying about it.

Still need help?

If you don't find what you're looking for in here or still feel you need help with something, feel free to reach out to us at devs.awais@gmail.com.

Word from the Author

This framework was developed purely out of love for HTML and CSS, and is an attempt at streamlining the development process, making it scalable, maintainable, and most importantly, enjoyable. I sincerely hope that you find it helpful and enjoy using it as much I did creating it. And if you have any feedback, suggestions, or want to collaborate and turn this into a Godzilla, do get in touch.

I wish you the best of luck,

Happy developing :)

Awais KazmiAwais KazmiCreator of UI Buddy